Translating a Text? Here Are Some Tips That You Should First Consider


Scrolling through the Instagram of your new foreign celebrity crush or having foreign words in a job-related document, we really wish to know the meaning. Be it for job purposes or just personal gain, we all have had to translate a text or a paragraph at least once in our lives and isn’t really an easy task, most of the times.

The complications regarding the translation of a text arise from many of the same words possessing different meanings according to their context. Like for example, the word for “tablets” and “bullets” in Urdu is the same; their meaning just differs according to the context. Thus, the probability of the meaning changing entirely or the true meaning getting lost in translation is quite high, therefore, it becomes paramount to observe some tips which can help a person translating reach the true meaning of the text.

Some people have a nasty habit of blindly trusting the translations provided to them through Google Translation. However, they must remember that Google Translation does not take in and consider the context. This can increase the probability of you receiving a faulty translation. However, the following tips can even be used to manipulate Google Translation to your advantage.

Determine If The Word is Frequently Used

This helps with translations only when you are familiar with the natives to at least a certain extent. Provided that you are, when translating, determine if the translated word is used often.

Determine The Group You Are Writing For

Doesn’t matter how well you translate a text if the translated words are too fancy for the targeted group to understand. First, see the target group and then translate according to it.

Consider Professional Help

If all else fails then you can always consider help from professional translators.