Things You Should Do Before Declaring Yourself as Bankrupt


If you are someone who has been having issues in the business to the point that you have only faced loss for a while and have gained nothing out of it, which has led to the increasing amounts of debt and the crushing burden of paying them back. This is not only stressful but can also cause a ton of problems for people. If you are facing such problems and find yourself stuck in a financial mess then we would like to offer you a solution which might sound more ridiculous than plausible, but trust us when we say that it is probably the most plausible thing to do in this case.

The solution is something you might have heard of but not very often and it might sound like a disaster of sorts but it is not, a lot of people have benefitted from that and made sure that they did not repeat their mistakes from the past after being given a second chance. So the solution that we are referring to is, you might have some inclination as to what we are hinting at, it is called as personal insolvency. It is a declaration that you no longer have the ability to pay back your dues. However, before you go the court and sign up for it we would like to tell you all to do some of these things before you declare yourself bankrupt.

Switch Bank Accounts

There is no point in hiding that we all have some savings in our bank accounts, you might too. So if you are planning on declaring yourself as personally insolvent it is time that you should try to find more meaning in the phrase “I hid bills under my bed” and try to switch your bank accounts so that your money is safe. Otherwise bank will seize and freeze them as soon as they get the notice.