Real Estate

The Rise of Condos


If you look up current housing trends, you will notice that there has been an increasing decline in the number of houses being sold these past few decades. You can account this to a number of reasons, like the fact that houses are still considered to be a pricy and risky investment since the last housing crises, how the average livable income cannot balance the average monthly mortgage payment. There is also the fact that a house in the suburb is no longer considered the ideal.

It has been noted that millennials that can afford houses actively choose to either live in a flat or condos. Which is why there has been a spike in the number of condominium projects being launched annually to meet their increasing demand. A condo can be a great option for people who do not want to live in the suburbs but still want their own permanent property. The fact that condos happen to be nearer to or located around the city district also adds to their appeal since it means everything is closer to them.

This includes their workplace, so no one has to waste a lot of money, time and fuel every morning just to beat the morning traffic because they know that they won’t be late. This allows people to get more sleep, spend less money and time on the road, and reduce stress as well. So, if anything, most millennials are realizing how condos are now a better choice for them since it improves their quality of life and lets them live more sustainably since they don’t have to spend exorbitant amounts on fuel and whatnot. So, if you are now interested in having a condo of your own, then an in.DE Condo can be just the one for you.