The Reason Why R-22’s Prices Are Skyrocketing in The Market


If you are well aware of the HVAC-R industry then you must be aware of the growing prices of R-22 refrigerants. Refrigerants are basically the backbone of the whole HVAC system and without the most used (and the most beneficial) refrigerant, R-22, the system can fail. If you wish to know what is really going on with R-22, its reason for skyrocketing prices, its decline, and its replacement, then keep reading!

Why is There a Decline in R-22’s Production?

Through research, it has been found that the most widely used refrigerant, R-22, is tearing holes in the ozone layer. The ozone layer serves the people with a variety of benefits and thus, the need for it to be protected is paramount. This need lead the authorities of first-world countries to decide on banning the production and importing of R-22 refrigerants by 2020, which essentially is the reason why R-22 is so utterly expensive right now as we are only a year away from the ban.

What Will Be R-22’s Replacement?

As we previously discussed, R-22 holds great importance in the functionality of the HVAC system. Customers beg the question: If R-22 is being discontinued then what will replace it? The answer is TDX 20 Bluon. Bluon is now taking over and it provides its customers with not only the same amount of benefits but even protects the ozone layer!

When it comes to the environment, it is crucial to maintaining it as a healthy environment is the prerequisite for a healthy population of humans. Until the ban of R-22, its prices will continue to increase with every minute. If you wish to protect the ozone layer while simultaneously benefit from all the advantages that R-22 provided, then invest in TDX 20 today.