The Nitty Gritty of Hiring a Dog Walker


It may have sounded silly to us before when we first heard of professional dog walkers because it might be beyond us as to why someone needs to pay someone to walk their dog. Of course this perspective automatically changes once we happen to get a dog of our own. Dogs, like humans require attention, love and a certain level of physical activity in order to stay healthy. So, if we are not able to provide that kind of environment to them, they do not thrive, and that is the worst feeling as a pet owner.

Of course when you decide on hiring a professional dog walker, you will find that there happens to be a large number of Atlanta dog walkers. So, you need to get down to small details while you are filtering out candidates. First and foremost, it is recommended to avoid dog walkers that take multiple dogs out for walks at once since your pet is not able to have their full attention. If you are going to be paying them, you want to make sure that your dog gets individual attention and care.

Your dog walker is supposed to be able to adjust to your schedule rather than the other way round. For example, if you are available during mornings and evenings, your dog walker should take care of your dog mid-day and so on. A dog walker that will give you updates on your dog is always recommended since they will tell you of things like whether your dog maintained their usual activity level, whether there was any change in behavior or any significant event or issue and so on. Lastly, you want both yourself and your dog to feel completely comfortable with the dog walker or else it will just result in anxiety for everyone involved.