The Advantages of EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy)


I have heard several people talk about how they are thinking about going to EFT (emotional focused therapy) and I always asked them “what is EFT”. Turns out, after doing some research, EFT or emotionally focused therapy is a type of therapy that is specifically made for adults, or couples who are dealing with different issues.

The therapy has been around for quite some time with a good amount of success rate as well, guaranteeing that it does work if you have a good counsellor, to begin with. There are quite some advantages of this therapy, and since not many people are aware of them, I thought I would talk about them with the public to raise awareness. This is for everyone who does not have the proper knowledge about EFT, this article will be helpful.

It is Short And Effective

Compared to some of the other therapies, the EFT therapy is shorter, and a lot more effective. The therapy usually lasts about 8 to 20 sessions, depending on just how much the people are in need of the therapy. As far as the effectiveness is concerned, it has proven to be effective so far in a really good manner.

Deals With Variety of Individuals

Emotionally Focused Therapy was originally developed to cater to the couples who are going through tough times. However, after seeing just how successful the therapy is, therapists started using it for people who are not in a relationship. At this point, the therapy caters to individuals, as well as families. Plus, another good point is that the therapy is not limited to people from a certain background as it caters to people from different fields of life, religious backgrounds, and even financial backgrounds. That is why the therapy happens to be so successful.