Stainless Steel Business Cards


Handing out business cards to our clients, colleagues and other people is a customary act that is considered as a formal and business like introduction throughout the world, these pieces of printed cardboard also serve as symbols that representindividuals and entire organizations.However there are times when a simple business card doesn’t suffice, sometimes you need to make a lasting impression or get a certain point across, one of the best ways to do so is to present a business card that is not only well-designed, but has a touch of uniqueness that is bound to leave the receiver in awe.

A business card etched onto a piece of high grade stainless steel is guaranteed to raise eyebrows, metal kards is a company that has been in the business card industry for a decades, providing people with premium metal business cards that look like stunning works of art. The company does metal cards in thicknesses of 0.3mm, 0.5mm and 0.7mm, offering a wide variety of colors, finishes and designs. You can have them produce shiny silver metal cards with you, cards that look like they’re made of solid gold or eye catching black metal cards, the company makes use of the latest and most precise cutting tools that enable them to produce fantastic designs with great detail.

You can take a look at their website to find out how they can help you produce some of the classiest business cards out there, the company is happy to provide free samples which let you experience what a metal card feels like first hand. You can also get quotations from their website and get in touch with them, metal kards has what it takes to provide you with the edge that you need in order to make yourself stand out amongst the crowd.