Old School Medicine


There has been a shift in the way doctors and patients interact over the past few decades. The changes have come slowly but surely. Over time doctors and patients have had their relationships become weaker and weaker. Doctors have stopped talking to patients about what is happening to them and patients no longer feel as if they are comfortable around the doctors that they go to. It has become harder and harder for patients and doctors to work together.

Doctors no longer seem to take the concerns and problems of the patients in to account when deciding what type of treatment will have to be used, and patients in turn do not trust the doctors to make good decisions and often end up going to different doctors over a course of time or just not going through with their treatment procedures. Just a few years ago it felt as if every person had a doctor that they trusted and were happy going to. People would recommend doctors based on the amount of trust they had in that doctor and that too depended on the care and compassion the doctor showed to the patients.

If patients feel alienated they are unlikely to continue going on with their treatments and many are skeptical of their doctor’s methods and procedures. There is also the issue of a lot of people feeling as if doctors do not listen to them when they explain their symptoms and what they feel is wrong and that doctors simply order a lot of tests to charge them more. An old school method of treatment needs to be employed where the concierge medicine companies are able to connect with the patients so that they do not feel as if they are just being tested for their money being taken from them.