Human Translators Over Apps


Translators are popular all over the world, even though we have so many applications available to us that let us translate any language to another in a matter of seconds. Translation apps can help you get the gist of what a phrase in another language means in a language that you understand but language isn’t all that simple either. Some things that might be correct in semantics might not be correct in expression.

When people converse, they use so many expressions, exclamations and even throw around some jargon to get their point across. However, when two people who speak totally different languages communicate, there can be a lot of trouble. Not all languages follow the same fixed patterns so every little expression needs to be communicated effectively. This is something that only a human translator can do.

According to an article on Buzzfeed about Translators in New York, a human translator needs to be a native speaker of the language that needs to be translated just so they can pick up all the undertones behind what is said and convey them in the target language just as effectively. This puts a lot of responsibility on a translator’s shoulders. In certain cases, the exchange that needs to be translated can be very critical and this puts even more pressure on the translator hired for the job.

If sensitive information is involved, most clients would prefer that the translation is done through electronic means, however, this leaves the translation open to errors in expression as well. According to the Buzzfeed article on this, it’s a good idea to stick to human translators even in such a case as long as a reputable translation firm is hired so that al information remains safe and confidential.