How to Tackle a Difficult Bridesmaid


Even though weddings are portrayed as joyous occasions, they are not as there are sometimes minor hiccups but sometimes there are major hiccups which can destroy a wedding. Today we are here to talk about such a minor hiccup which can turn major if not controlled in the right way. Bridesmaids are those individuals that are selected by the brides who are supposed to walk down the aisle before the brides. If the maid of honor chooses, she can divulge some of her responsibilities to the bridesmaids which show that they are important in the machinery of a wedding. The problem is that not all bridesmaids are friendly with the bride and sometimes they can do nasty things that can not only hurt the bride but can affect the whole wedding.

Since wedding is an important even in the life of a couple, they want everything to be perfect from Asian wedding photography to the food but if a disgruntled bridesmaid comes in this mix who is bent on demeaning the bride, the whole event can turn pretty ugly. If you are a bride or a maid of honor, you can use this guide to handle the not so good bridesmaid.

Cut Her Off

If the bridesmaid is not an important person to either of the side (bride and groom) and if you have the time and replacement then we would suggest that you cut the person from the bridesmaid’s club because a bride does not need this kind of negativity around her important event.

Talk to Her

We are guessing that majority of the people are not going to be able to cut off the bridesmaid which takes us to talking to her calmly but using measured words which would make her realize that her silliness will not be tolerated at all.