How The Wii U is Different


A lot of us either have, or know someone who has a Nintendo Wii in their home, and we have all tinkered around with it and played Wii sports either on our own, or with friends, and some of us also had the misfortune of getting too excited and accidentally flinging our Wii remote, resulting in it flying and hitting something or the ground.

After the success of the Wii, Nintendo tried to change things up a bit and introduced the Wii U, a portable alternative, and with the Wii U, there comes a seceret Nintendo invitation that takes you to new games like Nintendo Land, and the Super Mario 3D World.

These exclusive games can only be found in the Wii U, the way Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort can only be found in the original Wii and so on. Now, the Wii U also happens to be a lot more expensive than the actual Nintendo Wii, and this is mostly because of the portability factor. So, a lot of people ended up buying the Wii U solely because of the convenience of being able to carry it around and play on-the-go, plus the fact that the Wii U offered a 1080p resolution was another banking point as well.

However, the Wii U cannot be considered to be as successful launch by Nintendo compared to the Launch of the original Wii or even the latest Nintendo Switch. This can be attributed to the high price point, or the fact that it happens to have just a 32GB internal storage option, or people just did not buy into the idea of having to pay a lot of money just to play games on a smaller screen when they can just play at the comfort of their own home.