How Can You Prank Your Friends Through The Mail?


You might have heard about mail pranks but maybe you are confused about it and are thinking that they are not possible? We are here to tell you that they are possible and work pretty well and not only that, we will also tell you of different ways that you can prank your friends through the mail. We are preparing this list to bring a little originality to the whole pranking scenario so that you can truly surprise the other person.

You can go to Prank Candles and order something like balsam scented candle or let us look at other ways to prank someone through the mail.

Inappropriate Pictures
You can take all kinds of inappropriate pictures, get them developed and then mail it your friend’s place for some fun or better yet, mail the pictures to your friend’s work place for some good humored laughs (only do this if you know the person well and you know that he/she will not get into trouble for this).

Confusing Things
The best idea is to mail things that will confuse the person and the best way to do it is to send the stuff anonymously. You can send a brick, a traffic cone or empty box to someone and when they will receive it, they will be baffled and their confusion will remain because it will be anonymous.

Severed Limbs
It might sound creepy and unhinged to send severed limbs to someone but we are talking about the plastic limbs, not the real ones and if mail them anonymously, it will be much more fun.

Toilet Paper
If you dislike someone, you can easily mail them a toilet paper that tells them that it is sent to them because they are poop.