Home Remedies For Instant Back Pain Relief


When a person is experiencing extreme back pain, there is no other goal left in their mind apart from somehow reducing its intensity. Many of us book an appointment straightaway after recognizing the situation, but even that can take up a few days. So what to do in the duration of the days leading up to the appointment? Well, you take help from some extremely helpful home remedies which can provide you with instant relief.

In Case of an Injury: In case of an injury, at least during the initial 24 hours, apply ice to the injured area of the back. This reduces inflammation and swelling which can provide you with relief.

Heat Pads: In case of non-injury related back pain, apply heat pads to the area which pain the most. If you do not own a heating pad then a towel soaked in hot water works wonderfully too.

Pain Killers: Sometimes it can feel like we can’t even breathe when the pain is too intense. Consider acquiring a quick short-term fix with an over-the-counter pain killer medicine.

Move Around: Depending upon the case of the back pain, some back pains only get worse with rest and better with moving around, thus, consider moving around the house at first and then later at a park if it helps.

Massage: Massage has been proven to ease the pain from the muscles. Consider going to a spa which offers a massage or you can even invest in a good massage chair. Here is more information regarding massage chairs,

Body Weight: A heavier weight can put a lot of pressure on the spine so consider going on a healthy diet to lose some weight.

Abandon High Heels: If you are experiencing back pain problems then wearing heels will only make it worse. Consider going for more ground-level and comfortable shoes.