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Here is Why You Should Always Have Your House Furniture And Fittings Dry Cleaned


Living in London and surrounding areas is a pretty chill way to spend your life. Usually, there are not much environmental things to worry about, and life goes on, day after day. However, what a lot of people do not realize is that they are festering something in their houses that should not be there.


Mould is a multicellular filament based fungus. It is very easily grown anywhere, and once it starts multiplying itself, it is not easy to be stopped. This is because even though it requires moist conditions to start its growth, once it starts growing, it does not even need its optimum conditions to survive, and can survive under very harsh conditions and weathers.

Problem in London

Whether it is London or any of the surrounding areas, the problem is that it is always raining. This makes the whole air quite moist, and due to the air being high in humidity, it can be very easy for mould to start forming itself on wooden surfaces, carpets, and other moist patches.

How to Identify

Mould is relatively easier to catch. It kind of looks like a peeling off plaster patch from a painted wall, so if you happen to see any of these around the house and they start to grow more and more, that is when you know that you are having a mould problem in the house. It is important to identify it in its early stages so it can be stopped.

Keeping Things Clean

The best way to avoid this problem is to periodically have your furniture cleaned by professionals. Your carpets, upholstery, soft furniture, rugs, and curtain cleaning jobs are extremely important for you to avoid mould from festering itself in the first place.