Features You Should Look For: Cordless Vacuum


Cordless Vacuums can come very handy when you have sudden plans with your friends or after your kids are done with dinner. In this fast pace life, everyone wishes to become efficient when it comes to chores. Nobody likes to waste their time mopping and cleaning dust off their couches or furniture.

Ideally it should be a cordless vacuum that you must invest instead of the heavy vacuum with a cord. Why do you ever need to buy a machine that will give you a backache sooner or later? Coming to the budget and features of the cordless vacuum, there are few things you need to keep in your mind.

Running time is the most important feature you must look into as 54% of the people say that they take more than half an hour to clean their place. A cordless vacuum that is around $100 does not run that long. So do your research and invest more if it takes because you do not wish to buy anything that does not to the job at the end of the day.

The weight of the cordless vacuum cleaner is next as you need to carry this little machine in the hands all by itself so the weight really counts. You must not buy anything that is too heavy. The cordless vacuum must be easy to use and handle. After all, the main purpose of the machine is to be convenient other than the heavy vacuum.

The capacity of the cleaner counts too. Imagine you cleaned a room and next thing you have to do is clean the bag that collects the dirt. If you are aiming to clean 3 rooms in a day then you need to clean the bag thrice which does not sound too good.