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Everything You Need to Know About Pipe Relining


Usually whenever there is a problem in drainage lines, the damaged parts are replaced. However, another cost-effective method is to reline your pipes. The process is called trenchless pipe relining.

The first step is to check for damage in your pipes through cameras. Once the problem is identified the plumbing team will start the process of relining, with the customer’s consent of course. Once the customer agrees to get a relining done, the pipes are cleaned through a high-pressure water jet to make the pipes suitable for relining.

The next step involves the main part of the whole process, that is the relining. A flexible and seamless textile liner is used to reline the pipe with the help of compressed air. Before it lines the pipe it is first soaked in an eco-friendly resin. You can get the best relining services from here: https://adelaide-plumber.com.au/.

After your pipe is completely relined hot water is pumped through the liner in order to quickly cure the resin applied. Once all the steps are completed you can see the difference in your pipes, as the plumbing company will show you the CCTV footage before and after the completion of pipe relining. You will see a completely new pipe within your old one.

These pipe relining can last up to 50 years or more, as they are stronger than PVC pipes and is extremely watertight. The newly relined pipes also have an increased flow rate and are less likely to be damaged. All the work is usually completed in one day. Since these relining can last for such a long period, this is a good one-time investment. You can benefit from it for years to come and it also does not cost you that much.