Equipment Training


When working at great heights and high risk area that have a possibility of a person falling down a huge distance which could result in extreme pain, fractures, and even death, you need a safety mechanism that can prevent any fall from being bad enough to hurt a person. This is why you will need inertia reels before you can actually start working at heights.

Even if you know things like height safety and have been properly trained in how to ensure you are not likely to fall, accidents still happen and people can be seriously hurt or lose their lives unless they have the right type of equipment with them to help them do their job properly. Safe Right provide inertia reels that are reliable and suitable to work places like air craft hangers, construction sites, high raise platforms, and loading bays. The inertia reels that are provided by Safe Right can be trusted to be of high quality as they are the top suppliers of them in Australia and New Zealand.

At Safe Right you are also able to get materials and equipment like Prussic cord, plant access systems, rope bags, and mounting brackets, and anything else you might need to do a job that requires you to climb to work at heights. Safety gear like the inertia reels and the others mentioned ensure that you and your workers are safe while they are doing their job and that you are able to get the job done without having to constantly be fearful of your life and whether your equipment is reliable. Not only is this a supplier that you can trust, they can even train your workers to properly use the equipment and know how to fasten it all around themselves and how to ensure their own safety.