Did You Know There Was a Healthier Way of Smoking?


Electronic Cigarettes are electronic devices that work on battery. They work by heating a liquid and converting it into an aerosol, to stimulate the feel of smoking. The smokers then inhale aerosol into their lungs, which contains nicotine and some flavors. Known by a lot of other names as e-hookahs, e-vapes, or just vapes. E-cigs come in a lot of different shapes, some of them actually look like normal cigarettes, and some are fancy and have various different sizes. E-cigs are said to be less harmful than normal cigarettes.

The fun fact about e-cigs is that they are not easily breakable like normal cigarettes, and can easily be hidden as they come in different shapes such as USB, flash drive, or other daily use stuff. Nowadays, E-cigs are very common among teens, and brands like Parlons Cigarette have been successful in serving them throughout this time.

The reason for this increase of use could be their easy availability or the variety of flavors. You can change flavors anytime, and with every flavor comes a great fragrance. Why would anybody want to smell burning nicotine when they can please their nose with cotton candy scented E-cigs?

How do Electronic cigarettes work with your body?

E-cigs convert liquid nicotine into an inhalable chemical, which is later taken into the lungs, and then absorbed in the bloodstream. The nicotine then stimulates glands by entering our bloodstream, which release a hormone. That hormone later stimulates the central nervous system (brain) to increase levels of dopamine inside us. Dopamine is a chemical messenger known for reinforcing rewarding behaviors.

Normal cigarettes can be very addictive and dangerous for our health, whereas electronic cigarettes can be 95% less harmful in nature, and can often help people with quitting smoking. Many people convert to e-cigs because of their healthy nature.