Deworming Will Increase Your Puppy’s Life Quality


If you have just gotten a new puppy through any way then it is absolutely necessary that you take it to the vet in order check whether it has any worms in its stomach or not as they can cause huge problems. Deworming is the procedure in which a drug will given to the puppy to clean its stomach of the worms inside and usually the process is done in different sittings.

Identify The Condition

A puppy who has worms in its stomach might suffer conditions like diarrhea, vomiting, other stomach problems, lessening of energy and mood changes. MiluMimi advises that if you are worried about your puppy having worms then you should take it to the vet who would get a stool test done which will give evidence or not about the presence of worms. If you feel that your puppy seems to be experiencing any of the previously mentioned symptoms then do not delay in getting it dewormed but do not try to do the process on your own as it is the matter of life of your pup.


The process is quite straightforward as the vet will give the drug to the puppy either via an oral medicine or injection and it will be covered in different sittings.

After Care

After the deworming, the puppy would be pooping out the worms for up to 2 weeks so do not be alarmed if you see worms in the poop. The pup might also vomit, poop excessively and drag its behind on the floor which is all normal but it should not last more than 2 weeks.

Implications of No Deworming

If the worms stay in the stomach then the puppy might die and even spread the worms to other living beings.