Cooler Than Cool


Getting to show off a monster of a rig is what many computer enthusiasts love to do. Though the trait is most common amongst powerful gaming builds, android development and console applications also take a lot of processing power in order to create and if you’re going to spend the money on the specifications needed to be able to perform those feats of strength, you might as well deck out your computer with some of the coolest LED strips and RGB fans to really spice up the way things are in your room and more importantly, highlight the beauty you worked on getting.

Putting that razzle dazzle on your rig will make it hard to go back to the normal displays. Building our PC makes that one thing on our mind, gaming, stay stuck there. Some creative people have made truly marvellous designs and monsters of rigs that are both power and the pinnacle of a compact build. And if you’re one of the people who admire the beautiful rigs as you get to see at big gaming conventions and on reddit, you’re going to want to get your own neon outfit for your computer so you can start showing off as well.

It all comes back to the kind of look you go for. Getting CTT reviews for different products is a good start to knowing what’s hip and what’s affordable in the market. It doesn’t do to just buy a random assortment of lights and designs and hope they all go together. Everything from the case, to the strip to the placement matters when outfitting your computer for style. RGB lighting isn’t something so simple as to just throw what you can wherever there is space and think it’ll just work somehow. You have to plan ahead.