Choosing Between a Fixed Gear And a Road Bike


Cycling can be a great multi-purpose activity. You are not getting a full workout every time you are riding your cycle, you are also avoiding having to use your own car, which helps you save up on fuel costs as well, and reducing your own carbon footprint, which in turn benefits the environment as well. Now, if you are considering taking up cycling, you will primarily have to choose between two types of bikes, namely a fixed gear bike or a road bike.

Now, none of these bikes are superior to the other, rather, they happen to have different purposes and functions, and each bike shines in their own area. In terms of fixed gear bikes or single speed bikes, you will find that they are great for commuting in the city. These are simple bikes that have a basic design and very few components (you can add more components if you customize them), which allows you to increase their speed easily. These bikes are very commonly used by people to commute within the city since they are ideal for flatlands and surfaces. This makes them a great bike for day-to-day commuting.

Road bikes are much heavier, and they have more components in their overall design. They can be used for flatland travel, but they work much better for off-roading and dealing with going up and down hills and terrains. These bikes can ensure different types of terrains and surfaces and are more commonly used and preferred by people who cycle in hilly areas or on rocky terrains, and mostly for recreational purposes.

Keeping these differences in mind, you should make a decision based on your own cycling needs and whatever it is that you expect out of your cycling experience.