Choosing a CPU


For gamers who use a desktop computer, choosing the right type of computer processor unit, or a cpu, is very important as it is what will run the computer for you and let you use your computer to run and enjoy games. Different types of processing units will give you a different experience and there actually is a cpu list in which all these processor units are divided and ranked in. The ranking go from Tier 1, which are the best and made for the future, to Tier 5, which are budget processors and are very basic and used just for the basics.

In this article we will be discussing different tiers and which one might be needed for you. So starting with the perfectly balanced choice, there is Tier 3 computer processor units. These processing units are a great balance between what is affordable, the performance you need to run amazing game plays, and also availability. The reason why we suggest this to most gamers is because these processors will be able to play any new game that comes out in full 4K resolution so you do not have to worry about missing out on any of the games that you want to play or try out. These processors will give you all you need and will not turn in to overkill, and are easier on your pockets too.

These are the best processors for most gamers who do not need to go above and beyond a great game experience. On the other hand, Tier 4 processors are good for people who are just starting out and do not know too much about gaming. They are going to be cheaper than the Tiers above them but they may not be able to run heavy games with a lot of ease.