Real Estate

Choosing a Condo For Yourself


If you are looking to invest in permanent property ownership but don’t want to live in a house at the suburbs, your second option is to buy a condo instead. Condos are a great option for people who want to live closer or in the city since they are located within and around the city district, so everything is immediately a lot closer to you.

Now that there has been a rise in demand for condos, the number of condominium projects being launched annually has increased, so if you are understandably having trouble choosing one for yourself, you can keep on reading below.

  • You need your condo to be near your office because if your condo and office are both on the opposite ends of the city, you will end up spending just as much time commuting as you would have if you lived in the suburbs, defeating the entire purpose of buying a condo then.
  • It is recommended to find out the developers of a condo. This way if it is an old or renowned developer’s project, you know that the design and services that will be offered to you will be worth the money.
  • Each condominium offers specific amenities to its owners in exchange for a monthly Home Owner’s Association (HOA) fee; you should compare the amenities being offered, the fee being charged for them and then make a decision as to whether or not they are worth the cost.
  • You can always book a tour for the condo beforehand and then see whether or not it meets your needs and standards.
  • Find out their rules and policies on different things like hosting parties, their pet policy etc. so that you know whether or not they are acceptable to you.

Currently Sugar Wharf condominiums are open for bookings and registrations if you happen to still be on the lookout.