Bush Fire Precautions


If you plan on visiting Australia then you absolutely have to visit the Outback and the North West region of the country to appreciate the lesser known beauty of the country. While every person who visits Australia has gone to Sydney or to Melbourne, they should also make an effort to visit a place like Broome too. Broome is in the North West region of Australia and is a complete beach resort town. It can quite literally be a Paradise on Earth if you end up going up there. Broome should be an absolute must visit area if you ever go to Australia, although you should take care if you end up going there during bush fire season.

While perfectly great at any other time, Australia’s North West goes through a bit of a dry spell during the summers which can lead to a few bush fires starting, and that can be a cause of concern, especially if you are a tourist in the region and do not know what to do or how to handle yourself if you find yourself in that situation. That is why Broome accommodation made a few handy tips and tricks list that you can follow if you plan on visiting North West Australia during the time the dry spells hit.

First of all you will need to follow the local weather forecasts as they will tell you where bush fires have currently spread and where it is likely that they will spread, so you can avoid going to that specific area. You should also keep a bit of a back up emergency pack with yourself full of essentials and replacement items. You should obviously keep extra water and a first aid kit but you should also try and get things like batteries and portable radios too.