Bringing The Best of Netflix Outside USA


With all the entertainment that you can now get on the internet, Cable TV might actually go obsolete in another handful of years! Think about it, when you want to learn how to make some new kind of a dish, what do you do? Do you tune into your favourite cooking channel on TV or do you just run a search on YouTube instead?

Almost all of your favourite movies, shows and videos of interest are now available online and you can watch them at any time you want too! Thanks to things such as YouTube and Netflix, we’re slowly leaving those days behind when we had to sit around and wait for something to be played on TV so we could watch it; now we can just enjoy things at our leisure. We might have this kind of control over our favourite movies and seasons on Netflix but there’s a problem with Netflix as well; it’s not very comprehensive in some parts of the world. Yes, it’s nice that Netflix is starting to move their servers to countries far away from their home in USA but it would be even nicer if we had the same kind of selection on movies and shows as we get in netflix amerika.

There’s so much great content that you can get on demand on Netflix but only if you’re in USA. However we do have a handy little trick for you that will help you get the same shows you’d get in USA, in Netherlands. Thanks to VPNs, we can make Netflix USA think that we’re watching from American soil, giving us access to all the goodie of Netflix USA but from Dutch soil instead.