Best Makeup Mirrors And Their Features


Some naive people think that makeup ends at makeup products like concealer, foundation, blush on, lipsticks, eyeliners etc. but the fact is that the tools of makeup are just as important. In this particular article we would be talking about one tool that is very necessary for putting on makeup and if this tool is not of the right sort then the whole makeup would be ruined. The tool in focus today is mirrors and we know that some of you might think that we are joking but we are not because makeup cannot be done right without mirrors. Every famous beauty blogger or guru that you see nowadays have different sorts of mirrors or at least one mirror that is specifically made for makeup and look how flawless their makeup is. You might be thinking that all mirrors are the same but you are wrong. It it is true that every mirror’s job is to reflect back the image but there are different types so we thought that we would talk about some of the best ones. If you want in depth information then you can visit a beauty blog that offers beauty product reviews.

Vanity Girl Hollywood Infinity Mirror

The reason that the name includes Hollywood is because the design speaks Hollywood and if you put it on your vanity table then it would increase the beauty. It has thirteen light bulbs which can be dimmed and can be placed using its base or mounted on the wall. It is twenty six inches wide and thirty six inches tall and has a lifetime warranty.

Hamilton Hills Trifold Vanity Mirror

It is a tri-fold mirror, need we see more? It offers visibility from three angles, is stable and is the perfect size.