Beefy Flower Brouquets


If you know someone who oozes with manliness and is widely considered to be a beer loving, heavily built man-animal and you cannot seem to decide what to give to them as a gift then the ManlyMan Company might be able to help you out. This business is made to cater to people who are looking for thoughtful gifts to give to someone special, be it a hardy father, a bold bro or a simply manly man, their product range consists of two things; puzzle beer carrier six packs and flower bouquets.

Flowers are not the first thing that come to mind when one thinks about something manly, but the flowers bouquets that this company has to offer are not any random bouquets, they consist of flowers that are made of tender and mouth-watering beef jerky.Well-seasoned meat is something that any man can appreciate, and the Manly Man Company provides just that in a unique and eye catching manner, their current flower line up consists of flowers made using beef and pork and various seasonings, they even have a gluten free teriyaki flavour available.

You can have the flowers ordered in either a half a dozen bouquet or a full dozen bouquet, each bouquet comes packaged in a sleek looking black box and a Manly Man pint glass. The company is also planning on introducing rose shaped jerky flowers, making the world’s most favourite flower more appealing for men. You can have dozens of fantastic roses and flowers made solely of succulent meat delivered to your doorstep form their website, which is easy to navigate through, they even have a FAQ page that pretty much answer any question that you might regarding their services.Keep the Manly Man in mind the next time you have to get a well-thought gift for someone manly.