Asterix And The Golden Sickle


There are so many Asterix comics that you would be able to choose from that choosing a favorite can be a difficult task, indeed it can be close to impossible if you are a hardcore fan. If you want to be able to enjoy your Asterix reading session, however, it would be a good idea to start off with asterix and the golden sickle.

This tale is all about turning the world of the Gaul’s topsy turvy! Getafix is the druid who creates the magic potion that the Gauls drink in order to be able to defeat the Roman forces with such ease, but at the same time this potion requires quite a bit of effort on Getafix’s part. The reason for this is that Getafix has a golden sickle that he uses to attend Druid meetings where the secrets of the magic potion are discussed, and he also needs the sickle to cut down the ingredients that are necessary for the creation of the magic potion itself.

When he breaks it in this comic, he is obviously upset. Indeed, it would be fair to say that Getafix is beside himself! Seeing this, Asterix and Obelix decide to go on a hunt for a new golden sickle, one that would allow Getafix to attend druid meetings and start making potions yet again without having a care in the world!

This comic is great because it shows Asterix and Obelix fighting without the magic potion. Although they are not quite as strong, they still have an extremely easy time of it while they are fighting Romans, probably because they are naturally good fighters! It is just fun to watch the two of them show their natural strength without it being amplified by the magic potion they consume.