Absinthe: A True Entertainment Experience


If you are going to be visiting Vegas anytime soon and are not thinking about watching any shows, then you are missing out. There are hundreds of shows happening in Vegas every single night, and all of them have something great to offer. However, if you are truly looking for something unconventional and want to have a lot of fun, then the Absinthe is a great show for you.

Absinthe is a show that runs in Caesar’s palace in Vegas every night, and the tent can accommodate up to 600 people at the time, so if you are looking to get tickets, then you can find discount Absinthe tickets available here.

Absinthe can be described as an entertainment variety show, but explicit as well. Alcohol is served freely throughout the performance, so you can truly find yourself enjoying the entire experience. Now, there are a bunch of acts that are a must every night, and apart from them, there are variations every other night. There is the rather dirty host, the Gazillionaire who will mock anyone at any chance, and will then introduce acts like Penny Pibbets who will perform a very rather explicit yet intricate routine with a sock puppet that might be a little difficult to watch for the faint-hearted, and it is then followed by the Green Fairy who will perform a live burlesque show while singing, and then Maxim who usually does chair balancing acts. Apart from all of the main shows, there is a bunch of sideshows happening throughout the shows as well. It is a 90-minute experience, but if there is one thing Absinthe can guarantee, it is that it will keep you entertained and immersed the entire time. So, if there is a show you really want to see, then Absinthe should be on the list.