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A Promising Condo Project By a Seasoned Builder


There are numerous building companies that are wanting to enter Toronto’s lucrative condo construction industry, but many of them are going to have a hard time making a name for themselves due to companies such as Empire Communities. This seasoned builder company has already worked on several successful condo projects and has made it obvious that they are more than capable of providing quality without compromise when it comes to residential and community development projects. The company’s latest project is yet another condo that is about to exit from its pre-construction phase very soon.

The Empire Phoenix condominium project will be erected on Manitoba Street in the gorgeous lakefront suburbs of Etobicoke; a part of Toronto that is popular for the peaceful atmosphere that it manages to provide in the heart of the city. This project will have two separate buildings that will house a grand total of 499 units (single, double and triple bedroom) its lakefront view, beautiful hills in the surrounding and the Humber Bay Park right next to it will make this condo a dream come true for people who have an equal amount of love for cities and for nature.

Thanks to superb accessibility; downtown Toronto and a variety of other facilities will only be a 15 minute drive away from the condo, meaning that one can enjoy everything that Toronto’s city life has to offer and then retire back to their peaceful retreat whenever they feel like it. You can expect to see Empire Phoenix Toronto completed by 2022, the project’s pricing and floorplan is currently available on its official website along with all the information that you need about it. Peaceful and eventful living are hard to combine, but the Phoenix condo will manage to provide both.